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Nov 9, 2023Liked by Jeremy Fuzy

"providing ammunition to the enemy.” Okay. So, I've been called "unAmerican," unpatriotic and a "traitor to my country" in the past. Now, I can add to my list "the enemy" all because I just happen to interpret the Bible differently from my brothers and sisters of the Evangelical "right". As Lutheran pastor of over 35 years, I happen to preach what Jesus taught about love of neighbor, serving the poor, and the inclusive grace of God who is creator of all humankind. All my sermons are based on the Bible. And why all the "warfare" images. There's already too much hate and fear in our world. I believe in a Lord of peace who calls us to turn swords into plowshares. Don't get me going about the U.S. government being "biblically sanctioned"! Where is that in the Holy Scriptures? JMe Lowden, Virginia

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