Sitemap - 2022 - A Public Witness

Word&Way News: Nov. 23

Review & Giveaway: The Seven Democratic Virtues

Word&Way News: Nov. 18

Blowing the Whistle on the World Cup

A Requiem for Twitter

Unsettling Advent is Coming Back

Word&Way News: Nov. 11

Learning from the Midterms

The ReAwaken America Worship Service in Branson

Scenes from a MAGA Revival

Ministers Condemn ReAwaken America’s Branson Arrival

Word&Way News: Nov. 4

Groans of Creation

Will Christians Sing Praises for Democracy’s Demise?

Word&Way News: Oct. 28

Preaching a Gospel of Conspiratorial Politics

How Most Christians Became Godless Globalists

In Sermon, Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth Decries ‘Holy War’ Politics

Word&Way News: Oct. 21

Ending Slavery is on the Ballot

The Political Attacks on Sen. Raphael Warnock’s Faith

Word&Way News: Oct. 14

Preachers United Against Christian Nationalism

Review & Giveaway: Freeing Jesus

Word&Way News: Oct. 7

Herschel Walker’s False Witness

Baptist Megachurch Pastor Leads Prayer Event for Herschel Walker after Abortion Allegation

For Such a Time as This

Word&Way: Sept. 30

Samford, Slavery, & Scripture

Sacrifices on an Altar of Christian Nationalism

Word&Way News: Sept. 23

What is Truth?

Review & Giveaway: Red State Christians

Word&Way News: Sept. 16

Christian Nationalism 101

Mastriano’s “Great Adventure”

Word&Way News: Sept. 9

The Truth Social Evangelist

Word&Way News: Sept. 2

Profaning Pulpits is a Bipartisan Affair

Bringing the Culture War to the Pulpit

Word&Way News: Aug. 26

Putting God on the School Board

When Worship Goes Wrong

Word&Way News: Aug. 19

The Other DOJ Investigation

Taking Off the Armor of God

Religious Leaders Protest Michael Flynn’s Christian Nationalism

Word&Way News: Aug. 12

Going to Church at CPAC

Review & Giveaway: The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Word&Way News: Aug. 5

Lord’s Prayer Down Under

Alito’s Anxiety

Word&Way News: July 29

Learning from the Pope’s Apology

The 2024 Evangelical Primary

Word&Way News: July 22

Badge of Honor

Good Samaritan with a Handgun?

Is the Old Line Falling to Christian Nationalism?

Word&Way News: July 15

The Sermon Michael Flynn Hopes You’ll Hear

All in the Family

Word&Way News: July 8

A Crusade Against Teachers

Review & Giveaway: Fortune

Word&Way News: July 1

Democrats Boosting Christian Nationalism

Word&Way News: June 24

Supreme Rule for Christian Nationalism

A Bad Actor

Word&Way News: June 17

Can the NYT Get Religion?

Summer Reads 2022

Will SBC Denounce Jan. 6 — or Affirm False 2020 Election Claims?

Word&Way News: June 10

Campaigning for SBC President on Trumpian Media

Learning about Abortion at VBS

Word&Way News: June 3

The New Satanic Panic

Review & Giveaway: Dear Son

Word&Way News: May 27

The NRA’s Thoughts & Prayers

The Next Southern Baptist Investigation

Word&Way News: May 20

Doug Mastriano & the Problem with Christian Nationalism

Did the Fundamentalists Win?

Word&Way News: May 13

Christian Nationalism as the Keystone

Doth Protest Too Much?

Word&Way News: May 6

Happy Birthday to A Public Witness

MTG, Call Your Pastor

Review & Giveaway: The Flag and the Cross

Word&Way News: April 29

Primary Loyalty

Tackling School Prayer

Word&Way News: April 22

Mandel Seeks ‘Army of Christian Warriors’ in Ohio Race

Canceling a Church

Easter Partisans

Word&Way News: April 15

Not-So-Peachy Race in Georgia

Word&Way News: April 8

Christian Leaders Denounce ReAwaken America Tour

When Politicians Attack

Charlie’s No Angel

Word&Way News: April 1

Hillsong Blues

Texting the Apocalypse

Word&Way News: March 25

The Graham Inquisition

The Partisan Pulpit

Word&Way News: March 18

Upsetting the (Russian) Patriarchy

Learning from ‘the Religion-and-Politics Data Guy’

Word&Way News: March 11

Taking Exception

Sorry, Not Sorry

Word&Way News: March 4

The State of the Union is Uncivil

‘Peace, Peace,’ They Say

Word&Way News: Feb. 25

When Russia Invaded the Church

Word&Way News: Feb. 18

A Strange Unification

From Russia with No Love

Word&Way News: Feb. 11

Persecuted Majority

Jesus & Gerrymandering

Word&Way News: Feb. 4

Thy Kingdom Come?

Fortune: How Race Became Law

Rockin’ in the <Censored> World?

Word&Way News: Jan. 28

Morality Isn’t a Spectator Sport

Word&Way News: Jan. 21

A Banner Moment for Christian Nationalism

Bible-Thumping Bills

Word&Way News: Jan. 14

The Man Behind Shurtleff v. City of Boston

Word&Way News: Jan. 7

The Prayers of January 6

Insurrection Epiphany